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Single polymer, 100% circular: Game-changing ONE-DNATM artificial grass is here

Futureproofing the artificial grass marketplace means facing the challenges of circularity and recyclability head on. The pioneers in this field at Evergreens UK Group are again leading the march forward, as they reveal their UK-exclusive collaboration with the launch of ONE-DNA™ artificial grass.

Fully circular, single polymer, single “DNA” artificial grass has arrived. Its launch makes an important statement and is a conversation starter for those in the development, manufacture, supply, installation and recycling of artificial grass. This is a significant innovative step in their Evergreener™ sustainability initiative.

Made from just one raw material, the new ONE-DNA™ formula has a significantly lower carbon footprint, using less energy in production and hitting the ultimate goal in recyclability when cleaned at ‘end of life’: 100%. A single polymer means a single recycling method at a single recycling facility, using less energy. This unique formulation means clean single DNA lawns can be reused for artificial grass or similar high value polyethylene products, time and time again.

Evergreens UK Group Commercial Director Andy Driver is eager to extend the company’s sustainability commitment and is formulating a number of additional initiatives moving forward.

“We are really excited to be able to share our plans for products with 100% circularity, with the launch of ONE-DNA™. This new range resolves end-of-life issues and opens a whole new dialogue across the industry. But we acknowledge there is more to be done – this is just the first step in our mission for change as part of our Evergreener™ programme.”

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To find out more and to make the step towards ONE-DNA™ single polymer artificial grass, contact Andy Driver on:

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