Netherlands knowledge sharing for Evergreens UK licensed installers

Evergreens UK Group Commercial Director Andy Driver is joined in March 2023 on an overseas trip to the Group’s manufacturing and innovation facilities in The Netherlands.  Travelling east to the TenCate Centre for Turf Innovation at Nijverdal, between Zwolle and Entschede, the delegation of 30 licensed installers will be gaining first-hand insight at the company’s production, new product development and research facilities.

Launching its 100% circular single polymer artificial grass products, Evergreens UK Group will be demonstrating how the products are manufactured, tested and recycled in Holland. A vital learning experience, the trip will assist in keeping the professional installers fully informed and at the forefront of artificial turf technology and development. The knowledge sharing visit has been organised ahead of the launch of their LimeGreen® ONE-DNA™ single polymer artificial grass range into the UK.

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